The streets never looked so peaceful in my whole life. Strange how the ambients change without people living normally. A virus awaits for us outside. Uncertainty kills from the inside. I forget the beginning of my sentences, I forget where I left my cigarrettes, I forget what day os the week I’m in but I can’t forget my loved ones, even those who are apart from me. I try to stay productive, but this is really not me living now. I’m not in charge. Survival is. Reason is. Logic is. Science is. Even the m@therfucking virus is, not me. Cause I would try to fight it, even if it was unvencible, if the risk was just mine to take. But I can’t. It’s too much of a high stake for anybody who is not a sociopath. I could tell you I miss those coffee breaks at work. Or those fancy vacations. Or all those clothes and accessories that I like to shop. But I miss me being me, even knowing I would now choose better. Do better. Try harder. Be lighter. Be happier. Because without the safety guarantee of my loved ones, I feel destroyed and lonely. And for now, it is a lonely planet we are living in, although bonded up by one cause – being whole again, in a more conscientious way as individuals and a species.

April 1, 2020