Living during this time you just feel like you are in a movie. A dystopic one. You can’t leave the house as you please and you can’t just hug or kiss people like before. Every morning and evening a firefighters truck passes thru telling everyone we are in Emergency State, that we need to stay home and the phone numbers we should call if we need assistance or think we are infected. Every time you go out you feel paranoid “did I just touch that? I need to wash my hands.”. You get home and everything you touched while out needs to be disinfected, clothes that you wore for only 1 hour need to be washed right away. You keep telling yourself this is temporary, but as days and weeks go by and infected numbers go up, you hear increasing time frames for life to get back to normal. At this point, April 13th, it has been said we might only really stop all social distancing measures in a year or more. We are hearing we might need to go back to school or work even during the pandemic which to me is very very scary. I tried to warn everyone right from the beginning. Most people weren’t listening. Most said word by everyone even on tv was “alarmismo” which can somewhat be translated to hysteria, and it referred to people saying this was serious and calling for early measures.

This also brought positive things however. It gave nature and animals some time to heal and breathe. Polution is low, the ozone layer is healing. People are working remotely, students are getting online education, and other work arounds are happening when previously it was said none of this was possible. Crisis pushes progress forward, it obligated us to adapt and adopt new ways of living and doing things. Hopefully long lasting positive change comes from this crisis.

Lastly, I want to thank every essential worker for your hard work and devotion during this time. For the ones that didn’t resist and their families, I’m sorry and I hope you know we are all important and we all matter. Thank you for being or having been here and your positive contribution. You made a difference in the world.

April 13, 2020