Today, April 6, I feel overwhelmed with all the last happenings… covid is everywhere and I am in layoff. This is like a rollercoaster and I really want to look and feel positive, but honestly I am deeply scared. I honestly hope some medication or treatment can be used very soon or I don’t know what is going to happen, if Im going to loose my job… I don’t know anything. Maybe the world as we knew it is forever lost and it’s time to re-start all over again. Maybe this is the earth saying to the generation of the last century: “Listen to me: this is a warning since you forgot what happened 100 years ago. You are destroying me, while I always helped you. So take this as a warning: you don’t own me. If you want to live here, you must RESPECT me and each other. So this is just a reminder of what I can do if you continue acting like you do.”

I heard you, Earth. Really. And I am sorry.

April 6, 2020