I still go to bed and wake up as an early bird. While awake, I invest part my day looking at the news and new medical articles. Keeping track on the markets. From Japan in the morning, passing through Europe and Middle east during the afternoon and reaching the US and the American continents by night. I keep my self as sane as possible, with a positive mindset. But humankind has reached a defining moment of change. People from everywhere are losing their loved ones without mercy. It just happens. And it may happen to me or to you. And there ain’t no distinction between race, kind, gender, account balance nor status. This has showed us that we are all the same, and that control is only an illusion. People can contain, but not control the outcome. As I wish for the best, and being prepared for the worst, my deep hopes reside in our resilience skills. We do our best whenever we are upon a tremendous challenge. And despite after all is said and done, we are about to reach a critical point for our existence. A moment of choice, if you will. What kind of world do we want to live in? What we’ll we decide? Keep things as they were or will we have the audacity to embrace change? It’s up to us. Each and everyone of us.

Stay strong.

April 6, 2020